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Every Person has a Special Need – let Wigsense & Lingerie assist you with yours:

Life Beyond Cancer Treatment

I am passionate about helping anyone who has been affected by cancer, hair loss, surgery or treatment. In my case I turned a life changing negative and focused on some real positives and set up the business. I know how challenging it can be for you and your family during these times and beyond treatment. For a number of people they feel isolated or can often feel depressed. There are a number of ways that you can be supported along your own journey and beyond. It is about creating your life on your terms and finding the power to help yourself.

You  might well be thinking that there is no light at the end of the tunnel and emotionally & physically confused. I provide a “home to home” relaxed environment and completely understand what you are going through. I can help break down some of your anxieties or worries that you may have. There are solutions and options that can work with you and I am more than happy to help you find them.

Through my own journey I have made a number of changes that have enabled me to take better control of my own lifestyle and coping mechanisms post cancer. It’s the things you don’t know about that don’t prepare you following your treatment. We can benefit from having this information at our fingertips so you can regain your health and well-being.

Carlisle Leisure Ltd. fitness instructors can support you through a programme of health & well-being. All you need to do is complete a form and ask your GP to sign it for you. For further details please email me at: [email protected]
I have helped a number of families over the past 2 years who have been distressed about the prospect of their own child who has been diagnosed with cancer or alopecia. It is a roller coaster journey for all the family both emotionally and physically. I put myself in the position of the family and enable choices and the right solutions to help regain confidence and to feel like themselves again to achieve their lifestyle as best as possible.

I am pleased to say that I work with the Little Princess Trust who offer wigs tailored to the individual child’s needs to give the most realistic look and feel, as close as possible to their original hair.  We strive to put parents/carers in contact with suppliers as local as possible.

The Little Princess Trust is a children’s cancer charity and our mission is to supply real-hair wigs to children suffering with cancer, for the duration of their treatment.  However, in addition we assist children with other conditions which also result in hair loss, the most common being alopecia.  Our commitment to these children is different.  Despite being set up to help children with cancer, the Trust is pleased to confirm that we will supply children that do not have a cancer diagnosis with one wig.  Whilst we are unable to commit to supplying more than one wig to each child, we hope that this gesture will help the family whilst they decide on their long-term plans for dealing with this condition.

If anything could be worse than first hearing you have cancer or alopecia, it might be trying to find a way to tell your children about it. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer or alopecia, your initial fears and anxieties are not what you want to convey to your children, but that can be difficult. Letting your children know that you have cancer, sharing your feelings, and listening to how they feel is probably the best way to tap into your family’s source of love and support.


Helping children, young people and their families

Although a parent with cancer receives medical attention, their children need support also. Without an understanding of the disease, children may suffer intense fear that they may try to bear on their own. They may feel they are responsible for a parent’s illness or that it was in some way caused by them. The knitted dolly was created by CancerHairCare to comfort them, to bring their fears and feelings to the surface using play therapy, explaining their parent’s illness and subsequent hair loss. Also, I provide a dolly to any child who’s mum or family member is suffering hair loss through a cancer or alopecia diagnosis.


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