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 When i was diagnosed with breast cancer in oct 2014 i was totaly shell shocked couldn’t quite believe what i was hearing.Your on a roller coaster everything happens so fast its only now 6 months on that i feel its slowed down & i can take in whats happening, i’ve just finished 6 cycles of chemo therpy & a big side affect of that is loosing your hair i’ll be honest its very upsetting when it starts to fall out in handfuls i felt it was more upsetting than having my breast removed because its always on show.A friend told me to be prepared for when it happens & gave me the number of a lovely lady called Sandra Jones who has a company called wigsense.She runs this from her own home which i think is so personal & the moment i met Sandra she made me feel so at ease & comfortable.I tried on lots of wigs which was actualy quite fun the wig i chose was so different to my own style but i really loved it made me feel great i wear it alot & it feels so comfortable i do have other wigs given to me by friends but are very itchy the quality of the one i got from Sandra is amazing nobody would know it wasn’t my own hair apart from friends thats only because they know they all love it.When i go out for a meal or shopping you want to feel like yourself scarfs & hats are ok but to having hair makes you feel normal & strangers would never know you had Cancer.Thankyou Sandra Jones xxx

My husband and myself were expecting the whole wig choosing process to be emotionally draining and it came as a huge surprise when we met Sandra and I tried on lots of different wigs. It turned out to be the biggest laugh we’d had in a couple of months. Sandra is fantastically friendly and supportive and it made a huge difference to me to hear positives about chemotherapy treatment from someone who’d been through it rather than all the scare stories I’d had from “helpful” people who hadn’t.

Losing my hair was upsetting, I’ve only ever had long hair, but really it’s a positive as it’s proof that the cells are being killed and that the treatment is working. I am absolutely delighted with my wig, it’s like my own hair on a very very good day indeed and I have been asked 3 times already when my hair is likely to start to fall out.

Sandra let us choose any time convenient for us to visit her and we could stay as long as we needed. The wig arrived the very next day. Sandra told me over the phone that she’d ordered in 3 colours and had an idea which I’d choose. She was right.

I had my long hair cut off so I could donate it to Odyssey and by week 3 what was left began to fall out very quickly, which wasn’t a problem as I had my wonderful new wig to wear.

I can’t recommend Sandra’s service highly enough.

Ellie Irons
Thank you so much Sandra. From the minute I walked I you made me feel at home. You offered me snacks ans drinks and chatted like we had known each other for years. Your boutique is immaculate and made me feel welcome. A great selection of wigs. You gave me time to try on different styles and helped me make my own choice. I have come away feeling like a new woman. Thank you so much for everything. I will be back even if it is just to say hello. You are an inspiration to all of us xx.
Love JuliaI was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on the Autumn of 2012 and the treatment I needed, chemo and radiotherapy, which meant I would definitely loose my hair.  In the great scheme of things loosing your hair is a minor compared to the realisation of the diagnoses.  BUT vanity vanity, I dreaded the thought of loosing it, not that I had great hair before (i.e. blond & very fine).  I was told it often comes back differently so I thought I’d put my order in for beautiful thick auburn hair!

My Daughter had done some research on the internet and came across Sandra’s website Wigsense, she said it looked great, it was local to the hospital so it was convenient to fit in with one of my appointments but we thought it was reassuring that Sandra had been through it all herself.  I made an appointment before I had started my treatment partly because I wanted to be prepared but also my daughter lives in Yorkshire and we did not know how bad the winter might be.
I was not sure what to expect in spite of looking at the website myself, it was strange to go into a room full of heads, well not quite, but lots of wigs on stands which gave me lots of choices. Sandra was very welcoming and made us feel comfortable immediately.  She told us a little about herself and her  own experience regarding cancer and hair loss and was happy to answer questions.  The fun bit came next, try this, what about that one, a few giggles later Sandra went to put the kettle on.  I actually chose the one Sandra had fist suggested.  I thought I was going to go for ‘big hair, darker than my own but realised I didn’t want to look different.
Sandra has a warm personality, passionate about what she does and able to put you at your ease.  With her knowledge and experience she was able to make it a much more comfortable experience than expected, there was no rush and she gave me plenty of time to try as many wigs on as I wished.
Sandra also gave me info regarding fitness and diet etc. and a card for Hairport in Brampton, Janice could give me advice on hair loss and treatment, also Janice trimmed my wig to suit my face and gave my lots of advice regarding hair regrowth and was happy to answer questions later regarding my scalp etc..  I would not have found Janice without the recommendation of Sandra.
I would definitely recommend using both of them when you are at such a difficult time in your life, they are both professional and knowledgable and able to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable going through the process.

“When I phoned to explain about my situation, every time something like that happens, it must bring back difficult memories for you. I was obviously in the right frame of mind to visit you today and knew too, that Jane wouldn’t let me choose anything that didn’t suit me. I wasn’t at all upset by seeing lots of wigs around me either and lost all my fear about losing my hair, it just didn’t matter any more. There was no hard sell, no pressure from you and it was a calm atmosphere in which to make such an important decision. The wig really reveals itself to you. Thank you so much. It’s really important that people who have come through a difficult period in their life are able to foster and promote a positive response and provide advice and support to others.

Also how pretty and feminine you looked. It all helps to promote a positive image. No one wants to feel depressed, disabled or stigmatised”.  Heather Scott

“My experience of Wigsense was one of relief when it came to getting a mastectomy bra. It was good to look at and try different samples of bras and look at catalogues in a comfortable and relaxing environment. The advice on which type of bra was brilliant and I now have very comfortable perfect for the purpose bras which have washed well and have made a complete difference. I will be back!”

– Sally Budd

“You really are one extraordinary lady – well done on everything you have achieved in such a short space of time – whilst also undergoing treatment and nursing yourself back to health too!  Very inspirational indeed, thank you so much.  I found it quite comforting to realise that should myself or anyone I know ever need the type of support that you provide – that you are there with your personal understanding and experience”

– Rachael Ridley

“I am a retired District Nurse Manager and am able to recognise quality service and care. I received both from my first contact with Sandra from Wigsense right through to the present time. Having personal experience herself she was able to offer immediate reassurance and went out of her way to accommodate myself and my daughter in my choice of a wig at a very upsetting and difficult time. She offered time and space to make our choice and offered advice when needed. I was communicated with well throughout the process .The wig is of a high standard and has given me the confidence to live as normal life as possible whilst coping with difficult treatment and devastating hair loss. Sandra offers so much more than just a wig fitting service and she genuinely cares about her clients”

– Irene Ramsbottom

“If I had been able to get a home visit from someone who not only knew what I was going through but understood how important it is for a person who is fighting cancer to feel that visually at least things are normal it would have made this part of my treatment so much better. Thank you Sandra for doing what should have been done a long time ago”

Dear Sandra,

I would just like to thankyou so much for coming to my rescue with my WIG situation.Your service is fantastic and i hope that your buisness grows and grows and you are able to help many more people be happy during and after a challenging Cancer experience.
The hair on my head has now been clipped (Number 2). Actually that was as soon as i returned home from being at yours. I was only able to do that once i got my wig from you and it has made such a difference- both the wig and the very short, soon to be gone hair do and for that i thankyou.
I will make sure your service is recognised in DGRI and i have mentioned to a friend of mine the lingerie side of buisness as she also has had breast cancer , has a prosthesis and finds it difficult to get a good fit,
Will keep in touch and thankyou once again
Yours warmly
Marcia x

“Coming across the article [in The Cumberland News] about yourself and Wigsense was an unexpected surprise, one that really made my day. I had to act immediately and rushed into the kitchen to phone you straight away – thank goodness your phone number was published in the article!”


“I felt helpless and didn’t know where to turn to get help for a wig. I feel embarrassed about my hair falling out and when I read your article in the paper it inspired me to know that there is someone who understands what I am going through.”.

After Jemima started losing her hair just before her 8th birthday we didnt really know what to do or where to turn, after going to the hospital and being told it was Alopecia Areata and there was nothing we could do to stop it i started to look into alternatives, wigs or hairpieces and found it difficult to find things suitable for a child!! It was also apparent that there wasnt a support group anywhere locally or any one who could offer support. Financially we couldnt afford to buy a real hair wig and the NHS vouchers wouldnt cover the cost of one. I found it difficult to broach the subject of a wig with Jemima as she was struggling so much with losing her hair!


Fast forward a year and Jemima was now asking for a wig,i contacted the NHS and was sent out two vouchers £95 each which would only cover a synthetic wig,  we visited a salon and the lady put Jemima in an adults synthetic wig in the wrong colour (despite knowing we were coming!)  saying we needed to basically accept it as there were no other options and that she would stitch inside the wig to make it fit… That she would need to wear a headband to keep it from falling off, i could see from Jemimas face that she wasnt happy and neither was i but again i didnt know any different so you think thats what you have to accept!!


We got home and Jemima said ” i wouldnt wear it to school mummy” so i knew she was thinking the same that it wasnt right so i cancelled the order that id felt obliged to make with the lady!!! I cried that night when jemima had gone to bed in despair that i couldnt do anything to help my daughter!!


The next morning i got up and on facebook saw a picture of two girls who had cut their hair for a charity called the little princesses trust who provide real hair wigs for children who have cancer, i decided i had nothing to lose and emailed them asking if they could help and explained Jemimas story!!


Within half an hour i had a phonecall back from the little princesses trust saying they would fund a real hair wig for her!!! Yes tears again from me right in the middle of the gym and i couldnt wait to get home to ring Sandra (Wigsense) who was there local contact.. Sandra (Wigsense) was ready for my call and asked lots of questions about Jemimas hair and the colour and style it was, i sent a picture as requested and a few days later we went to try on the wigs she had ordered.


I knew as soon as Sandra opened the front door and welcomed us in that we were in the right place for help this time. Having been in the situation of needing a wig herself Sandra knew just how important it was to feel comfortable an that it looked like “before” she spent a long time with Jemima and we came home with two wigs, a real hair and a synthetic which Jemima actually wore home via the supermarket where she danced round  flicking her hair side to side!!!


Since then Sandra (Wigsense) has helped us find a bandana with some synthetic hair that Jemima wears for P.E in school and has checked up that things are ok with Jemima and her wigs!


I contacted NHS again to see if they would fund a wig a year for her as that is about as long as it will last and was told that i  could only request two vouchers every 6 months which means i have to “save” them up to put towards her real hair wig and i then have to add the extra money to buy it and then pay for extras like the bandana for PE or the hair products to take care of it.

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