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Vital Role of Nutrition

Gill Kingsley Nutritional Therapy 

A group of professionals dedicated to providing extended care for their patients and clients have joined together with Wigsense founder Sandra Jones to provide help and advice to be distributed throughout a campaign to increase health awareness through publications, social media and information websites.

Gill Kingsley, a nutritional therapist living inCockermouth,Cumbria, is one of them.

In her early forties Gill was diagnosed with breast cancer while living inCaliforniain 2005.

After recovering from surgery to remove the tumour and a further surgery to take away some lymph nodes, Gill then found out as much as she could about nutritional therapy in order to help her body heal and overcome any remaining cancer cells. She launched into a programme of healthy eating, juicing fruits and vegetables, a vegan diet, and herbal medicines for the next year and on her return to Englandin 2006 she determined to go to college to learn all she could about nutritional therapy to help others recover their health using food as medicine.

Gill attended college inManchesterfor three years and obtained her practitioner diploma in Nutritional Therapy in 2010. She began her nutritional therapy practice inWest Cumbriathat year and has been offering a mobile personal consultation service since that time, visiting clients in their own home, helping them to make dietary changes to promote healing and supporting them in their recovery of health. Telephone consultations are also available for those living outside theWest Cumbriaarea. Here is a short testimony from a client who has benefitted from the telephone consultation service Gill provides –

“Gill was a wonderful support in my healing journey through cancer.  She gave me confidence in my own ability to help heal myself through good nutrition.  I was able to connect quickly and easily with Gill when working over the telephone.  Her compassion and awareness immediately made me feel at ease.  Gill gave me detailed, appropriate and practical nutritional advice based on her excellent knowledge of nutrition but, more importantly for me, her own personal experience and understanding of healing cancer. Following her nutritional advice has made a significant difference to my health and healing.  I am very grateful to Gill for the gifts she has given to me. “ (Samantha, Kendal, Cumbria).

Gill helps people with any health problem, and will also help anyone who just simply wants to maintain and boost good health to prevent disease using nutrition. She is particularly keen to help people suffering with cancer. Her own journey to good health from cancer is an inspiration to anyone dealing with this disease, and she intends to share what she has learned with many others inWest Cumbriaand beyond in the years ahead.

If you would like more information please visit Gill’s website at or call her for an informal chat on 07765 235 568.


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